Please do not enter the salon if you are displaying any COVID-19 flu like symptoms, if you have been travelling recently, are feeling generally unwell, have come into contact with anyone who has COVID-19 or require to isolate.

please reschedule your appointment to a later date.


A temporary PPE charge of £2 per client will be added to your bill.

It is s mandatory for you to wear wear a face covering during your time in the salon. If you do not have one we can provide one for you. We advise all colour clients to wear one of our disposable face masks.

You will be given your own biodegradable gown, towel and cape. This will be disposed of immediately after each use. 

We will be a wearing visor/goggles and a face mask. 

All of our equipment and section will be cleaned and sterilised between each client visit.

Our basins are divided by screens and we will be working at least 2 meters apart where possible.


Please ring the door bell and wait by the front door, a member of staff will come and welcome you when the salon is ready.


Sterilise Your hands

You will be asked to sterilise your hand upon entry and exit of the salon.


Cashless Payments

Card payments only for now where possible.


Come Alone

Please come alone for your appointment


Arrive on Time

Please arrive on time for your appointment, we are currently unable to use the waiting area.


Patch test

Every colour client will require a patch test prior to their colour appointment.


We will be offering a reduced selection of hot and cold drinks in biodegradable cups.



all appointments will need to be pre-booked.


about bimbo's hair.

Bury ST Edmunds.

Bimbo's Hair is boutique hair salon based in Bury St Edmunds. At Bimbo's we want to create a space where we can offer honest services with great products in a relaxing atmosphere where you can leave with great hair! 

Early on we decided that we wanted to do as much "GOOD" as we can.   We consciously pick the right products for the job. Our honest, professional, quality product brands include L'Oréal Professional, Evo and Evo Fabuloso Pro. Have a read of our Sustainable Practices and see how we consciously do our bit for the future.

Education, knowledge and continuous learning keep the skills at Bimbo's Hair on point. We believe that there is never a time to stop learning. With a wealth of skills and experience behind Bimbo's Hair, we will create the perfect style and colour for you with honest advice.

 We care about your hair!


 Relaxed, yet responsible. Every visit should feel personal, professional and guilt free. Leaving with great hair, you know you have done your bit for the environment!



Please allow a full hour for all cutting appointments so we have sufficient time to understand your needs during your consultation. All cutting appointments include a wash, cut and blow dry.

As a responsible salon we are unable to confirm any colour appointments without confirmation of a patch test on your skin. This can be done at our salon and must be completed at least 48 hours before the appointment.



Ladies - £43 - £47 - £52

Mens - £27 - £30 - £33


Under 13 - £22 - £25 - £28

Over 13 - Adult Prices Apply


Blow Dry - £27 - £30 - £33

Hair Up - £60

Bridal Hair - POA*

* Deposit required for all wedding bookings 


Bimbo's Deluxe - £8

Bimbo's Super Deluxe - £12

Bond Builder - £20

Keratin Treatment - £170*

* Includes Homecare & Blow Dry 



Regrowth -   £31  - £35 -  £39

Full Head -  £40 - £45 - £49


Partial - £45 - £50 - £55

Half - £58 - £65 - £71

Full - £72 - £80 - £88


Face Frame - £69 - £75 - £80*

Balayage - £96 - £105 - £113*

Balayage Transformation -

£119 - £130 - £141*

* Includes Toner


BLEACH and tone

Regrowth - £83 - £90 - £97*

Full Head - POA*

* Includes Toner


Toner - £22

Extra Colour Product - £22

Extra Service Time - £17



*50% deposit required for all colour correction bookings 



*50% deposit required for all colour change bookings 


sustainable practices.

Bimbo’s Hair do not believe in waste!

Bimbo's aim is to be as waste free as possible.

Working alongside Ellgia Recycling in Ely, our waste becomes 100% landfill avoidance. Our waste is sorted, segregated and recycled, re-used as waste-to-energy RDF (refuse-derived fuel), or composted.


Bimbo's Hair in Bury St Edmunds use 100% biodegradable disposable towels that are made from 100% natural sustainable fibres. Not only are they hygienic, the towels save water consumption and time and can be composted. This means you can take your towel home with you to use in your garden or for cleaning if you so choose. Gone are the days of running around after dry towels.


Energy efficiency: All our lights are fitted with energy efficient LED bulbs.

Our basins are fitted with EcoHeads shower heads which double the water pressure while reducing water and energy usage by up to 65%. The mineral stones remove sediment, rust, and sand softening the water giving you a smoother and silkier finish.


Bimbo’s Hair is proud to support The Little Princess Trust. The trust provide real hair wigs, free of charge, to children and young adults who have sadly lost their hair to cancer treatment or other illness. We donate all hair over 7 inches long to the trust.


Bimbo's Hair wants to keep things local. We source and donate as much as we can locally, supporting and contributing to our community.

Our tea is from Butterworth & Son, a family business from Bury St Edmunds. We like to have a small selection of locally made cookies, we pick them up every Wednesday and Saturday at the local markets in town.


We serve Nespresso coffee for all our clients to enjoy. The used coffee pods are sent back to Nespresso where they are recycled.  The aluminium pods are melted down and reused and the coffee grounds are composted.

The product range Evo donates all damaged stock to homeless shelters.  All Evo packaging is 100% recyclable. Evo offsets its carbon footprint by purchasing government accredited carbon offset credits. All Evo formulations are sulphate, paraben, DEA, TEA and propylene glycol free.

Evo is not tested on animals.



At Bimbo's Hair we are committed to providing the best possible service for all clients, every visit.  For us to deliver the best services and experience, we kindly ask that you have a read of our Etiquette Guidelines.


 We want you to love your hair. If you have any concerns about our services or products, please contact the salon within 7 days.


Unfortunately we do not offer refunds on any of our products or services.


As a responsible salon we are unable to confirm any colour appointments without confirmation of a patch test on your skin. This can be done at our salon and must be completed at least 48 hours before the appointment.


Unfortunately, Bimbo's Hair cannot colour hair for clients aged under 16 years.


Please allow a full hour for all cutting appointments so that we have sufficient time to understand your needs during your consultation. All cutting appointments include a wash, cut and blow dry.


We equally respect the time of all our clients, which is why it’s essential for you to arrive on time for your appointment. If you are running more than 15 minutes late, your appointed stylist may deem it necessary to reschedule your appointment as this will impact the time available for subsequent appointments.


We require 48 hours cancellation notice. If you’re unable to make your appointment, let us know as soon as possible, otherwise, a cancellation fee will be applied. 10% fee of your booked appointment to cancel within 48 hours. Failure to arrive for your appointment, You will be charged a 30% No Show fee.


Your appointment may be subject to a non-refundable deposit before booking can be confirmed. Please ask us for more details.


Prices are subject to confirmation during consultation.


Colour appointments cannot be booked using the online service.


Bimbo's Hair can only apply colour provided by Bimbo's Hair.


We love kids but we encourage you to bring something that they can entertain themselves with. We want our clients to feel comfortable and relaxed, without any distractions.


Although every care is taken, Bimbo's Hair is not liable for damage or loss to any clothing or property.


We strive to create a relaxing environment. Please be courteous, put your phone on silent and respect everyone else’s time of relaxation.

Please let your stylist know if you are time restricted.


Bimbo's Hair reserves the right to cancel non-confirmed appointments.






6 St Johns Street,

 Bury St Edmunds,

Suffolk, IP33 1SQ

Tel: 01284 598 000

opening hours 

Monday - Closed 

Tuesday - 10am - 8pm

Wednesday - 10am - 8pm

Thursday - 10am - 8pm

Friday - 10am -5pm

Saturday - 9am - 4pm

Sunday - By Appointment Only *

* 25% surcharge on all services 

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