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sustainable practices

Bimbo’s Hair do not believe in waste!

Bimbo's aim is to be as waste free as possible.


Our Colour 

Laklmé strongly believes in sustainability and promote the creation of products that defend a conscious beauty. Because taking care of our environment is an act of responsibility and future. Lakmé are committed to protecting the planet.

Lakmé products are derived from natural organic ingredients, vegan, cruelty free and sustainable. Lakmé colour is also PPD and amonia free. Lakmé complies with Ecocert green life natural and organic cosmetics standards.

Lakmé have a sustainable production process by reducing the consumption of energy resources in their factory, such as cold production processes, solar panels to generate clean energy, and the CIP cleaning system to recycle used water.

Lakmé only have green packaging. Lakmé uses packaging made from recycled materials, such as PET, or sustainably sourced materials, such as green polyethylene (I’m green). They are all 100% recyclable. Lakmé has carried the Ecoembes symbol since the start since they promote and encourage responsible recycling management.

Our Haircare​

Evo haircare wants to bring about change for the good and create a movement of free thinkers who care about doing the right thing. Here is how Evo are lending a helping hand and trying to do better every day…

The entire Evo range is free from sulfates, parabens, dea, tea, propylene glycol and gluten. Evo doesn’t add hyped-up ingredients or gimmicks just for label claims… the products do what they say. Evo doesn’t test on our furry friends (humans only) and they have the cruelty-free PETA accreditation to prove it. All Evo products are vegan, except 4 (crop strutters, cassius, box o’ bollox and shebang-a-bang) as they contain animal bi-products such as beeswax. Evo haven’t found formulas that perform to their high standards, however, they are continuing to experiment.

Evo are always looking for ways to do better when it comes to plastic which is why they incorporate green pre and post-consumer recycled plastic into our products. Evo use fsc (forest stewardship council) certified recyclable paper for our printed materials and hardwood for our brushes.

The big picture for Evo, Evo offset our operational greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing credited carbon credits that help to fund revegetation projects. they also utilise solar at an operational and manufacturing level to further help reduce our carbon footprint. Evo supports those affected by hardship by donating obsolete stock to homeless shelters. Evo partners with organisations like green circle salons so that together we can help create a more sustainable professional haircare industry.

Our Salon

Bimbo's is a proud member of Green Salon Collective. 

Green Salon Collective is founded by environmental experts, hairdressers & eco campaigners, GREEN SALON COLLECTIVE is the original authority on salon sustainability throughout the UK and Ireland-wide.

They facilitate salon sustainability by recycling the unrecyclable from our salon, such as hair, used colour tubes and foil, excess colour and so much more. For example, we send your hair to the Green Salon Collective and they turn your hair into a hair boom. A hair boom is a cotton or nylon tube, tightly packed with any length and colour of hair. These booms, when placed in either water or on the shores of beaches will stop the oil from spreading, saving wildlife and the natural landscape. 

Profits raised from selling commodities are also recycled, Green Salon Collective donate profits to a number of charities. ​

Working alongside Ellgia Recycling in Ely, our waste becomes 100% landfill avoidance. Our waste is sorted, segregated, recycled, reused as waste-to-energy RDF (refuse-derived fuel), or composted.


Bimbo's Hair in Bury St Edmunds uses 100% biodegradable disposable towels that are made from 100% natural sustainable fibres. Not only are they hygienic, but the towels also save water consumption and time and can be composted. This means you can take your towel home with you to use in your garden or for cleaning if you so choose. Gone are the days of running around after dry towels.


Energy efficiency: All our lights are fitted with energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Our basins are fitted with EcoHeads shower heads which double the water pressure while reducing water and energy usage by up to 65%. The mineral stones remove sediment, rust, and sand softening the water and giving you a smoother and silkier finish.

Even our toilet paper is sustainable! We stock Who Gives a Crap toilet paper. Good for your bum. Great for the world. 50% off their profits are donated to build toilets.


Bimbo’s Hair is proud to support The Little Princess Trust. The trust provides real hair wigs, free of charge, to children and young adults who have sadly lost their hair to cancer treatment or other illnesses. We donate all hair over 7 inches long to the trust.


Bimbo's Hair wants to keep things local. We source and donate as much as we can locally, supporting and contributing to our community.

Our tea is from Tea Pigs all natural, no nasties. plastic-free, with only the best sustainably sourced tea, fruits and berries, 


We serve GRIND coffee for all our clients to enjoy. The used coffee pods are certified organic, ethically sourced from farms around the world and the pods are fully compostable. 

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